Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Water damage in a local business

Our friends at Fast Loans here in the San Fernando Valley had a bit of a water issue in their lobby one morning. Fortunately, SERVPRO of Sunland/Tujunga was the... READ MORE

Unit in an apartment water damage

An apartment building can be a scary especially when there's water damage because you don't know how far that damage can travel. Luckily in this case the damage... READ MORE

commercial water damage strikes again!

This auto loan place of business had a ton of water damage. There was a really heavy storm one night and this place was leaking from a ton of different spots. T... READ MORE

water damage in a commercial building

As you can see in these pictures that were taken from a recent water damage in a commercial building SERVPRO of Sunland/Tujunga was able to restore everything b... READ MORE

Fire clean up in an apartment building

Apartment complexes can be a little scary with so many people sharing the same building. One accidental fire could potentially hurt a lot of people at the same ... READ MORE

Palmdale School District Oil Spills

Oil spills are something that are very difficult to take care of. When you have vehicles parked in a structure everyday for many years you will eventually get o... READ MORE