Commercial Photo Gallery

Large loss team ready for action.

There is no job too small and definitely no job too big for any of our SERVPRO teams. We all work together when there is a disaster or just a really big commercial job. Our large loss team is ready to jump into action whenever needed!

Waiting in wet waiting rooms!

Who wants to be waiting to see their doctor and have soaking wet socks by the time they get into the office? That is what could have happened at this clinic if SERVPRO didn't get there when they did. They were able to extract the water and dry up the clinic just in time! 

Commercial building board up!

Commercial buildings, when neglected, can be damaged if not looked after. Sometimes when the building is abandoned it just needs a board up and lucky for this client we are certified in that. We helped them board up this building to prevent extra damage from occurring. 

Liquor stores need love too!

Water damage can happen anywhere, liquor stores not excluded. As you can see this was the result of a busted water pipe that flooded this store. We were there to extract all the water before it damaged more than it could have!

When your place of business is under water...

It is safe to assume that you can not run a business when your carpet is soaking wet. That was the case for this local place of business on a rainy day when the roof leaked water into the office. Good thing SERVPRO was there to save the day!

Business Disaster

Water/Fire damages can occur anywhere. It can occur at a home or even at your business, water or fire damages can strike at any moment. Usually having a water or fire loss at your business is hard to come back from and its possible for the business not to last. Re-opening of a business is a challenge, but always remember to put SERVPRO of Sunland/Tujunga on the top of your list to help you with all water/fire mitigation needed to help the business and in the event of your next emergency.


Our local Foot Locker had a water damage and it damaged most of the store. Luckily the insurance company got in contact with us and we got there just in time to keep the damage from spreading.