Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

What's that smell in the wall?

Molds that are hidden

Most experts agree that the most dangerous kinds of mold are the one that is unseen, such as in air conditioning units, duct-work, or within walls. These molds can swell up rapidly while undetected. In most cases, hidden molds can be discerned not by eye but by the stale odor or the frequent need to clear your throat. In this example it was in between the walls!

Attack of the MOLD!

Mold can literally creep in through anything. As you can see in this picture it began to form under the hardwood floor and the under the baseboard of the wall. This must have been an untreated water damage situation. 

up close and personal with mold

In case you were wondering what a patch of mold looks like to the naked you go. Its unsightly and smells horrible. If you have a feeling you might have mold in your home it is better to get it tested by our certified professionals before it gets out of hand!

When mold shows up unexpectedly

Sometimes mold makes its way into your home without you even knowing. There are many ways mold can appear in your home but one of the most common ways would be through water damage that is untreated. This is how it would look.

Smell something gross?

When you smell something disgusting in the house, most times that would be mold. We have a lot of clients that end up with a mold problem but with our excellent staff and our awesome air scrubbers we are able to eliminate the odor and clean out the mold.

Mold Damage

Waiting for mold damage to occur can drastically increase overall job cost. Usually visible mold growth as seen above  is a result of a long-term water damage that was not immediately taken care of. Once mold is spotted contact SERVPRO of Sunland/Tujunga to keep the mold from growing.